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About Us

We are a photobank, -library, -shop online, specialized in photo licencing for paper products with customers worldwide. We give licenses to use these pictures.

Kris Coppieters Kris Coppieters (pronounced coppeters), a professional photographer (1948) from Antwerp in Belgium started 25 years ago with stock photography for editors of greeting cards, calendars, school stationery, photo albums, jigsaws, posters and other products you find in shops and supermarkets. After all these years he still makes photo’s with the passion of an amateur and the skills of a professional, following the latest digital techniques to create hard to find images. He inspires a lot of photographers to explore new ways to express feelings.

Several agents sell his work, but his home is these days. A photo shop with work of several collegues he represents. Every month new selected images are added to this shop. Photographers’ work is choosen in function of the the editors and products. Customers know that this online shop is one of the fastest in delivery of the high resolution files via download. Photo editors can start with their lay-out in no time.

Because thousands of his images are printed and seen worldwide, editors knows they can rely on his experience in this business-to-business relationship. It not only has to be beautiful or funny or cute, an editor needs some hits in his collection. That’s the reason Kris Coppieters works with a target group in mind, the taste of people in several countries, following his imagination but also the reality of trends. Photovalley chooses work of other photographers who reflects a special mood or feeling.
Photographers can offer their work to sell worldwide (30% revenue if sold by our agents and 50% direct sales by Photovalley). We do not ask any fee for these images to be placed at our web site. To stay specialised, we choose which images will be included. This is not an appreciation of the photograph’s, only the images we think are good to sell to our market are accepted. Specialised images of unique birds are interesting for specialized editors of books and magazines, but a very beautiful cute bird with expression can be a winner. Commercial images means that more than 2000-10000 persons like your photo so much that they want to buy the product (post card, album, calendar, poster, ringbinder , ...). As a poster or calendar image your photo is in more than 3000 rooms. The photograph has to please hundreds of children, teenagers, women or men , without title or translation. This makes photography so universal as a medium.

Most editors want reproduction rights wich protect them in their market and their product. We call these reproduction rights RM (rights managed). In press, leaflets, brochures and web sites the photo editors sometimes prefer RF (royalty free), which means that you can use these images as long as you want, for advertising, web sites, other promotional products, magazines, newspapers, EXCEPT consumer goods such as greeting cards, stationery ....
Secondary, You are NOT allowed to sell these images to other people. RF does not give the right to make money with this image by printing it on consumer goods, or reselling the rights to other companies. The author/agency keeps the intellectual rights. (Convention of Geneve)
Read the law about reproduction rights, or search on the web for the exact definitions of royalty free images, and protected or managed reproduction rights for images.

The PhotoValley web site is free of images with explicit content (sex,violence or abuse).

We want to expose only the bright side of life, but support several charity projects for children if the organization is authorized (ID number) by the state or country .

Dutch is our language, English our second language, German and French our other languages. For Spanish we need a translator, so we cannot communicate by phone.

We hope you enjoy the photographers work, made with love !

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